Intro to…whatever

Hello! So I’m trying out this whole blogging thing to see how I feel about it. If I like it I’ll try to get on here regularly and post whatever comes to mind. Primarily, I want to blog about mental health awareness and focus on issues like anxiety, depression, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, etc. so that people dealing with those problems can have something to relate to.

While browsing MH (mental health) forums, I’ve noticed the astounding amount of people who deal with the same issues as me. I’ve also realized that it’s typically the norm for people to keep these problems to themselves because of the lack of understanding in the mainstream world. Understandably, people who feel different don’t want to be seen as different- but who wants to be uncomfortable in their own skin all the time? So, that being said, I’d like this blog to encourage people to be more comfortable with their MH disorders and not feel so alienated from the general population.

In short, I do this for my own enjoyment and also for people like me who need a sense comfort. If I get enough readers I will continue creating blogs to help spread awareness.